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Who's the stylist?

Jordana-Lee Pearce

I'm no stranger to the pressures of feeling like you have to wear a different outfit to work each day, to every event, in every Instagram photo...

As an ex-personal shopper and wardrobe stylist with over a decade long career in the fashion industry, spanning from brand development to curating designer runways, somewhere along the way, I got tired of having to buy new clothes all the time to keep up appearances and always thinking of something new to wear. I also learnt about the ramifications on the environment & people that came with such high consumption.

Nowadays, I'm a self-professed minimalist with a very modest sized wardrobe of items that all go with one another. Each item that enters my wardrobe must be of high quality, consciously designed, cherished and looked after so they last many seasons and most importantly, make me feel confident. I stopped worrying about what other people thought, and instead, came up with no-fuss outfit formulas and started wearing them #onrepeat

I want you to outfit repeat!