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Why have I only received one item from my order?

Repeat Store is an online marketplace, which means your item will be shipped directly from each brand. If you have ordered items from more than one brand, expect that you’ll receive more than one parcel and there may be differing shipping times on each brand. If you have purchased a made-to-order item, this will be noted on the product page, as well as in your order confirmation and will take longer than a ready-to-wear piece.


Why have I waited two weeks for a T-Shirt?

Because patience is a virtue.

Our T-Shirts are made-to-order, as are some Revel Knitwear and NATALIJA products.


Can I return part or all of my order?

If it’s within 7 days or purchase - yes*, simply email us

*Does not apply to made-to-order items.


What does made-to-order mean?

Each piece is made individually by the brand, just for you! This reduces waste in the fashion industry as products are only produced when an order is placed rather than making items in bulk.


I ordered something from a 'made-to-order' brand. Can I return it?

Unfortunately we do not accept returns on made-to-order products.


Why are you telling me to wear the same clothes over and over? Isn't that a bit gross?

We're certainly not telling you to never wash your clothes and literally live in one outfit for the rest of your life.

We're simply empowering you to wear your favourite outfits #onrepeat

I want you to outfit repeat!